Freedom for Britain


This island is under siege. At this very moment, as I write these words, dark forces are trying to penetrate our borders, trying to invade our peace and comfort to snatch away our children, rape our women and destroy our way of life. Our way of life. We want our country back. We need to defend our values. If there is something that is ours, there must be something that is theirs. There is an us, and there is a them.

Who are we, and who are they? We are noble Britons, proud Englishmen, good people. We are a sacred race of warriors. But above all, we are human. We have thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams – an inner life. They, on the other hand, are foreign, dangerous and different. They are the Other. And thus, they are not what we are. We are human, so they are not. They are lesser. If there are British Values, then there must be Unbritish Values; after all, self implies other. Our values are not their values, and their values are not our values. British Values are tolerance, freedom and respect for the rule of law. So, Unbritish Values must be intolerance, despotism and lawlessness; in short, barbarism. And so the wielders of these Unbritish Values must be barbarians. They are no longer humans, they are vessels, carriers of a plague of foreignness and savagery. They are not valuable in themselves, therefore; their value is no longer determined by what they are, but by what they denote. And what they denote is evil.

We are the survivors, shut up in our watchtower, defending everything that is ours against everything that is theirs. But slowly, the plague creeps in, as plague-carriers are washed up on our beaches in boats, after which point they must be immediately quarantined, or else destroyed. We must send them a message that we will not tolerate their nest-building in our precious palace, lest the infestation should spread to our shores. Or perhaps the plague is already here; perhaps the plague-carriers are already among us. They look just like us, they talk just like us, they dress just like us. But they are still Other. They do not share our values. They are parasites, pretending to be human, when in fact they are not. And then, there are those of Us who defend Them. Who speak out for Them, who claim that there is no divide between Us and Them. These traitors can no longer be called Us. They are, in fact, Them. This plague must be driven out, must be eradicated.

And who told us that all of this is true? Who warned us of the Other? The question should be: who yet hasn’t warned us of the Other? Everyday, on the front-pages of our newspapers, on our television screens, on our radios, our leaders warn us of this scourge, this “swarm”, coming to destroy everything we hold dear. Hatred is festering in the heart of this nation like a gaping wound. Hitler articulated the prevailing mentality in Mein Kampf: “the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew”. Except, instead of the Jew, it is now the Muslim. The Migrant. The Traitor. The Other.

Human beings are dying at the hands of other human beings. We are all Us, and we are all Them. There is no Other; there are no borders; there are no nations. There is only this home we call Earth, and all of us who dwell here. There are no British Values, except in the minds of fantasists clinging onto superstitious notions of superiority and exceptionalism. Likewise, there is no intrinsic property called ‘otherness’, which certain people and objects possess. Otherness, or the quality of being strange and different, exists only in the mind; it refers to an illusory world constructed by politicians and media elites who deliberately engineer the reality they want us to see.

Only if we see a certain class of people not as human, but as Other, can elite agendas be served, be they the poor and destitute in our own society, the poor and destitute from other societies seeking our hospitality and compassion, or the poor and destitute in the third world we are helping to kill through economic terrorism and neocolonialism. Throughout history, there have been only two distinct classes in society: the oppressor and the oppressed. And, as Nelson Mandela reminded us, both must be set free. Our innate human instinct is to side with the oppressed, but this has been suppressed by the ruling classes who seek to ensure that their interests are served above all else. There is a threat to civilization, but it comes from above, not from below.

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