‘Collateral Damage’

“We take extraordinary care… There is unintended damage. There is collateral damage”.

– Victoria Clarke (Pentagon spokeswoman).


Babies killed by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, their bodies crammed into an ice-cream freezer. (Source: AFP).


Iraqi children bloody and traumatised after their parents are shot dead by US soldiers in Tal Afar. (Source: Getty Images).


An Afghan boy injured by a NATO airstrike lies wounded on a hospital bed. (Source: Reuters / Stringer).


Faisal, 18 months old, is treated for severe acute malnutrition in Yemen, a victim of the US/UK-backed Saudi bombing campaign. (Source: UNICEF).


Six of these children, from the al-Amouri family, were killed by a US airstrike in Syria. (Source: Middle East Eye).


A man and baby killed by a NATO airstrike in Tripoli. (Source: AP).

My beautiful picture

A baby born with birth defects due to American use of depleted uranium in Fallujah, Iraq. (Source: Dr. Samira Alani / Al-Jazeera). 

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people”.

– Howard Zinn.

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