The Darkness Grows Thick…

How did we get here? How did we stray so far from all that is good? I wonder, if King Arthur were to be resurrected and journey through the halls of old, out of the gloom and into the fragile daylight… what would he say? What would he see?

Upon a high-raised hill in Avalon,
Four dragon sentinels with burnished scales
Keep ward and watch, and whether the sleets and hails
Of winter beat their caves, or in May magic the lawn.
Like a dull emerald smitten with the dawn,
Up brightens, guard and gleam; and still the Grail’s
Enchaliced splendors shake over those sweet dales,
Where, ‘neath a thick-leaved canopy unwithdrawn
Since the old days of Vivien’s sorcery,
Sleeps Merlin in a nest of nightingales–
Thus one clear moment–then the vision fails,
As his, who lone on a wreak-littered lea
Has mocking glimpse of star-mist on the sails,
Of some great ship that lies out to sea.

‘Avalon’, by Robert Elliot Gonzales.

Torture, illegal wars, a blind eye turned to atrocities, support for some of the most brutal regimes on Earth, the ever-increasing power of the Deep State…

This is what we’ve become. It is up to the few of us who can really see what’s going on to fight back.

Hope is not lost yet…